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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Raimasen Hot

Nayantara was born on November 8, 1984. She was born in Thiruvalla (Kerala this), India. This Kerala beauty was born, Mr. and Mrs. Kurian Kodiattu Oman Kurian. Actress Nayantara original name of Diana Kurian. She has a brother named Lenu Kodiattu.

Nayantara was the youngest her house. Her father is a retired Air Force Director. Her mother is a simple house wife. Lenu Nayantara eldest brother works in Dubai. Nayantara is called Nayannan. Mania, Nayantara. Actress Nayantara name means star, and expressive eyes, like stars. It's called delusions of his father. This Kerala beauty mother tongue Malayalam. This is Christianity. Nayantara is 5 feet 4 inches stunning beauty of vital statistics in its nature. It is a good body shape, as if he were a god Boon, because with it. Nayantara is 55 pounds and looks like a hot outfit that brings. She is a girl with irritable as she was angry very quickly. But most of the time Nayantara is bubbly and always joking to make others laugh.

Nayantara to continue their education schools in different countries, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Delhi, as her father was transferred to each State for its air force official work. Then she joined Balikamadham high school, which is in Thiruvalla, from which it obtains HSC. Nayantara graduate of Bachelor of Literature Marthoma College which is also in Thiruvalla, and she wants to continue on CA-in the future. She loves North Indian food and loves to wear Sarah the most. Her favorite color is black because it believes that all black suits and makes the finest body appear even when the body is full.

Actress Nayantara believe in God and many think it has much support, otherwise it will be first in the production of the film.

She enjoys spending time with his family but also his mother fled for her film.

Rumor is that she deals with Prabhudeva.

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