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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shammu hot photos

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White is the perfect color for summer

White is the perfect color for summer. Because heat rises, you can still look fresh and fabulous in the white dress. White dresses will complete your summer wardrobe and give you an attractive appearance. Here are the best tips when white bear:

* Since white reflects sunlight, you will be under a spotlight with you everywhere. So if you have certain parts of your body you do not want to attract attention, never to emphasize that part of the decorations in white and a darker color next.

* Combine the white and black through the accessories to make a difference. A black and white scarf or handbag pattern will look great. Experiments on what you have on hand.

* Changing your style, a combination of the white dress with bright, cheerful colors like yellow or pink. Again, select fashion accessories that will contribute to the enthusiasm of your outfit. You can try a pink bag, jewelry, yellow, green shoes and more. If you want you can also try a three color combinations like black and white and pink, green, black and white, or red, black and white.

* On white clothes for the final month of the season of summer. Never white gowns and dresses for weddings, unless if you're the one to marry.

* Put on white shirts with jeans and a delicate fabrics to select the color of a professional chic style to adapt.

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  1. you are so cute and butty girl
    i wish that i see more pic for you


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