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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Adah Sharma Hot

Adah Sharma, born May 14, 1987, was only feet wet in Bollywood.

Actress, which is 5.5" tall made her debut in horror flick 1920 (2008), which is directed by Vikram Bhatt.

Graduate Psychology and supporters of the dancers - it prepared in Kathak Dance Academy in Gopi Krishna - second edition Phhir Girish Dhamija (2009).

Adah Sharma beautiful blue-eyed actress from Bollywood. As a teenager, Adah Sharma wanted to do too many things. She eventually found a profession when she failed to realize his dream. That profession is acting - when she was spotted with paint and it was to play different characters that she once dreamed, be it a housewife or a model or an architect or a veterinarian.

Based on non-Trailer background was not easy to Hell to get her foot in the door of mobile phones. Her father was a merchant navy and her mother, yoga instructor. Adah make his education from convent school, where he graduated in psychology at the University of Mumbai. Although Adah is to get film offers for quite some time, things do not come into force until Vikram Bhatt in 1920, where she made her debut over mobile phones Razhnisha Duggal. Looking back, I see Hell to fight philosophically perspective.

She says she auditioned for various other projects, but 1920 is the first film because it is destined to become.
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