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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aishwarya Rai Hot

Aishwarya Rai Born in a traditional Indian family in the south, Aishwarya started modeling at an early age. This green blue eyes beauty appeared in advertisements for many prestigious companies, those that led her to focus on the garden of Sarah and advertising Pepsi. Miss India 1994 took second place, this is us before the Miss World title that he won, her beauty and charm makes it expensive in India. Ash stormed into the Indian film industry, which was brilliant and a real actress. Her performance in Iruvar (1997) was critically acclaimed and she received best female debutant award for screen role in the movie ... Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya (1997). She adored the movie Taal, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas, number in the "bow and pop" sent waves of rhythm across the country. With her successful Bollywood movies and most prestigious projects in Hollywood have become impossible to ignore the release of this wild Indian in international scenes.

Aishwarya Rai (Ash) is one of the leading ladies sounds. This Indian explosion expensive in the world when his amazing beauty, balanced and commanding intelligence won the Miss World crown in 1994. This former architecture major soon became one of the most famous models landing prestigious Indian companies included in Pepsi and Vogue magazine. Top Director of India's mobile phones quickly lining up to work with ash. Her debut in Iruvar Mania Rathnam (1997) has received criticism and his performance in Aur Paar Ho Gaya "(1997) directed by Rahul Rawail received his award for Best Female Newcomer. In 2000 she was awarded Best Actress at Filmfare and Zee Cine for her work in Sanjay Leela Bhansali Hum to Dil De Chuke Sanam ", in the same year was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her special appearance in Aditya Chopra Mohabbatein (2000). In 2001, Al was nominated for Best Actress Filmfare nomination "Hamara Satish Kaushik in Dil Aapke Paas Hai".

Ash-stars continue to grow in 2002, again works with Sajay Leela Bhansali in "Devdas." Devdas is the most ambitious and successful films in the history of Bollywood. He became the first ever Bollywood picture to receive special checks on the Cannes Film Festival this year and broke box office records in India and the United States.

2003 brought even more exciting opportunities. Ash became the first Indian actor to be a member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival. It is the last member of the elite L'Oreal Dream Team, joining beauty Catherine Deneuve and Andie MacDowell as an international ambassador. She graced the covers of India Today and the prestigious Time magazine. In the magazine "Time" is also its listed in "100 most influential people in the" Today "Peace." She graced the covers much of the world, including USA, UK, China, Russia, Israel, United Emerites, Italy, Spain and France. Ash is also shown at the annual "Rolling Stone magazine in the" hot "list, Hello magazine for the most attractive woman in the world, things magazine FHM Magazine, V-Life from Variety magazine GQ magazine, The New York Times Magazine Harper and Queen and countless others.

In 2004, Aishwarya to take the lead in his first film in English for Gurinder Chadha in "Bride and Prejudice. It also became the first Indian woman to be immortalized in wax at the world famous Madame Tussauds wax museum in London.
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Tabu Hot

Tabu born on 4th November 1970 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India) is an award-winning Indian actress who has acted in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and American films. She won the National Film Award for Best Actress twice. She is known known for its critically acclaimed action in a number of films as a success at the box office.

Apart Despite a few exceptions, Tabu is known best for his willingness to sign in artistic, to play low-budget films, ranging in Garner more critical appreciation than they are any significant box office numbers as in Maqbool (2003), Meenaxi: A Tale of Three Cities (2004) or The Namesake (2007). Known selective about her film roles, she said: "I do films which move me and, above all, should the unit and the director to speak to me." Tabu was born in Hyderabad. divorced shortly after his parents. Her mother was a teacher and his maternal grandparents were retired professors who ran a school. Her grandfather was a mathematics teacher Mohammed Ahsan and his grandmother was a teacher of English literature. They also went to St. Ann's High School in Hyderabad. Tabu moved to Mumbai in 1983 and studied at St. Xavier's College for two years.

She is the niece of Shabana Azmi and the younger sister of actress Farha Naaz. She has houses in Mumbai, and Hyderabad. Tabassum "Tabu" Hashmi began her career in the film Hum Naujawan (1985) at the age of fifteen, she plays the daughter of Dev Anand in the film. His first role was as an actress in Telugu movie Coolie No. 1 His first release in Hindi, one of the leading lady was Pehla Pehla Pyar which went unnoticed. came into the scene with his role in Vijaypath Male (1994) opposite Ajay Devgan for which she received the Filmfare Best Debut Award. It was followed by many films that are not good at the box office.
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Shreya Saran Hot

Shreya Saran began her career as a model seeks to India. This led to roles in music albums and advertisements.Shriya beginning of her career with Telugu films movie Ishtam (2001), Usha Kiran Movies production. This is the first film did not go well in hand, but it is seen by many Telugu producers and directors. Soon she signed for Nagarzhuny Santosham (2002), which was a hit, but it should not return thereafter. She was among the first wild literacy. Her later films, such as Nuvve Nuvve and Bhageeratha, brought her much praise. It is one of the biggest hits of his career with the opposite Chatrapati Prabhas.
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Navneet Kaur Hot

Navneeth kaur very sexy and hot Punjabi actress. It seems very comfortable and very sexy. Now she is Punjabi kuddi scored a second chance to realize their dreams unfulfilled! Navneet kaur dare in the upcoming Malayalam Love In Singapore, the National Award for Mammootty. Navneet has been taken in the last minute when Keerthy Kunhal (heroine was originally planned) could not account for the first graph.

Navneet will essay the role of Diana, a girl born and raised in Singapore. Film producer MHM, director Rafi Mecartin Love in Singapore will present Mammootty as "Aakry Machu, a man who cruised the financial heights after beginning life as a scrap dealer. The film is expected to grace theater of the 18th 2, 2009.

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Hansika Motwani New Hot

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shammu hot photos

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White is the perfect color for summer

White is the perfect color for summer. Because heat rises, you can still look fresh and fabulous in the white dress. White dresses will complete your summer wardrobe and give you an attractive appearance. Here are the best tips when white bear:

* Since white reflects sunlight, you will be under a spotlight with you everywhere. So if you have certain parts of your body you do not want to attract attention, never to emphasize that part of the decorations in white and a darker color next.

* Combine the white and black through the accessories to make a difference. A black and white scarf or handbag pattern will look great. Experiments on what you have on hand.

* Changing your style, a combination of the white dress with bright, cheerful colors like yellow or pink. Again, select fashion accessories that will contribute to the enthusiasm of your outfit. You can try a pink bag, jewelry, yellow, green shoes and more. If you want you can also try a three color combinations like black and white and pink, green, black and white, or red, black and white.

* On white clothes for the final month of the season of summer. Never white gowns and dresses for weddings, unless if you're the one to marry.

* Put on white shirts with jeans and a delicate fabrics to select the color of a professional chic style to adapt.

Priyanka Kamboj hot pics

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fashion trends

In the past clothing styles are fairly standard for all age groups, which today has a wider range of fashion options. The clothes often get ideas from these sessions in a real mixture of styles and trends to date as streetwear.

The trend is now one day for people to a number of different looks to take such a streetwear look a smart look, a retro look and a vintage look for the ladies socks. The key to involve as many different combinations.

T-shirts and pants are still common in fashion, but the styling and design at the most diverse of REACH, the bags unique design and innovative features added.

New concepts such as streetwear and Urban Wear created these new clothing trends and styles to categorize. Streetwear is used to describe clothing inspired by the street lifestyle and often urban themes such as graffiti and life on the street. Urban Wear and streetwear brands are often started by people from the streets as graffiti artists and skaters. Addict and Fly53 are two companies that have had success by developing their brands in this way.

In recent years, vintage clothes are returned to the High Street with more and more classic vintage clothing stores that sell used clothing. These shops can be a lot of money if the vintage clothes are often very rare and so customers are more willing to pay expensive prices for rarities.

As traditional vintage clothing has risen in popularity as faux vintage clothing. This gives consumers an inexpensive alternative to purchasing genuine vintage clothing and means they can have copies of rare or hard to find clothes.

Fashion designers have responded by producing replica clothing from the 1940s to 1980's at cheap prices. This means that customers high quality retro clothing that fits comfortably, are affordable, and it also means that you do not have to go routing through your parents clothes in the attic.

Vintage lingerie has an influence on the fashion world. Reproductions of burlesque lingerie from the 40's and 50's are now manufactured clothing such as seamed stockings, corsets and waist cinch again become popular.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Adah Sharma Hot

Adah Sharma, born May 14, 1987, was only feet wet in Bollywood.

Actress, which is 5.5" tall made her debut in horror flick 1920 (2008), which is directed by Vikram Bhatt.

Graduate Psychology and supporters of the dancers - it prepared in Kathak Dance Academy in Gopi Krishna - second edition Phhir Girish Dhamija (2009).

Adah Sharma beautiful blue-eyed actress from Bollywood. As a teenager, Adah Sharma wanted to do too many things. She eventually found a profession when she failed to realize his dream. That profession is acting - when she was spotted with paint and it was to play different characters that she once dreamed, be it a housewife or a model or an architect or a veterinarian.

Based on non-Trailer background was not easy to Hell to get her foot in the door of mobile phones. Her father was a merchant navy and her mother, yoga instructor. Adah make his education from convent school, where he graduated in psychology at the University of Mumbai. Although Adah is to get film offers for quite some time, things do not come into force until Vikram Bhatt in 1920, where she made her debut over mobile phones Razhnisha Duggal. Looking back, I see Hell to fight philosophically perspective.

She says she auditioned for various other projects, but 1920 is the first film because it is destined to become.
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Amisha Patel Recent Hot Photos

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Men and women should take care of your body, but people should also fit a gentleman's apparel. Some people tend to hoard their fashionable wardrobe in the hope that it will be fashionable to be a trend again. If you are the type of person that you should change your perception immediately. You can begin to remove all the old clothes from your closet. It's time to shop around a number of trends and fashion style. Here are some of the clothes for men, you might want to keep your wardrobe:

1st Polo shirt
Polo card is the perfect choice for menswear. You can make casual or formal look wear this type of shirt. They fit perfectly my jeans and any form of trousers. Styles can also be encountered on various occasions. You can wear the shirt to hang out with friends or play tennis over the weekend.

Formal and informal appearance will surely match any opportunity to go. The choice of colors, polo shirts come in blue, black or yellow. Many designers are predicting that this year will be colored Polo shirt.

2nd Hooded sweaters
If you are looking for men's wear things that are comfortable to wear, style is better than a sweatshirt. This style lasts forever. It can also match the outfit you want to wear. Hooded sweatshirts are ideal for temporary seasonal too. There are moments when you do not want to wear a jacket, but if you do, it's also too cold outside. The solution to this situation, as his jumper. You have a lot of jumpers, as you want, then this will never grow old fashion style obsolete. Green, dark blue and orange are the colors of your sweatshirts this year.

3rd Jeans
No one should ever live without jeans on those days. Jeans are the must have items for men's clothing. You should get a new pair of jeans a year. They can take a long time. In this way, with a small fortune for these fashion accessories are worth anything for money. You can definitely match your jeans with the outfit you want. There are different styles of jeans available in the market from the general fit, stone washed, double-banded waist, and many others. You can choose the most suitable for your body, style and taste.

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