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Sunday, August 1, 2010

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7 steps To choose best Diamond Ear rings

Every woman craves the laElke women crave the biggest diamond, and when it comes to a pair of earrings 2 carat diamond studs have become standard for luxury. This article contains valuable tips on how seven of the most beautiful, brilliant diamond earrings buy the lowest price.

1: What about a pair of 2 carat diamond studs cost? If you are a smart buy, you should be able to make a 2 carat earrings get for around $ 4,200. Of course, you pay less. Poor Cut, Color C, I-3 Clarity few buttons can be had for around $ 1600th These earrings have a milky gray-yellow appearance with fractures and some clear dark crystals. You can also pay more, for example. Will a pair of Ideal Cut, D color, clarity VVS earrings you back around $ 48,000 this will be a dazzling pair of earrings that can only really be appreciated during a 30-power microscope.

2: Diamonds on the ear is more forgiving than one diamond in your hand and there is always a balance to be considered how the diamond quality and price. A solitaire diamond ring on the hand is usually from a distance of approximately two meters in broad daylight. On the other hand, stud a couple of 2 karat diamond earrings are often partially covered her hair and watched by three or four meters away. Minute error as white crystals and fine white needles are probably not affect the beauty of diamonds worn on the ear. It will also result from skin and hair tones about diamonds worn on the ear, a single color drop in the grade most difficult to detect.

3: Do not be a slave to GIA grading scale: First, you need to buy diamonds that are certified by a reputable pearl lab as GIA, IGI, EGL and the IGL. Secondly, you must be aware that the GIA diamond grading scale rates based on their rarity, not necessarily their beauty and luster. In other words, it is possible for a higher price to pay for a pair of ugly diamond when you use the GIA scale only as a guideline for your purchase. The most common mistake is that a bad quality of Fair Cut to buy a high color and clarity grade. For example, costs a couple of D color, clarity VVS diamonds with a poor quality cut you about $ 26,000. These diamonds are milky and dull in appearance because the cut grade is very little light back to the eye of the viewer.

4: Cut Quality is what a beautiful and Brilliant Diamond is an excellent diamonds, about four times the white light back to the eye of the viewer. Today, most raw crystals cut for the highest profits without regard to the right corner of a shower of white light back to the eye of the viewer. It is estimated that about 90% of the diamonds in the retail market today are poor sorted, and Fair Cuts. In trade, these diamonds are called shortcuts aside, and they forget the beautiful white light, fire and scintillation of a perfectly cut diamond.

5: How a lower clarity grade Select Diamond Brilliance without compromise: the most important fact about Diamond Clarity is that any class, including SI and above considered "eye clean. This means that unless your friends have a magnifying glass handy, some degree of SI and contains footage that is invisible to the unaided eye. When shopping for your 2-carat diamond earrings, you might consider this: a couple GH Color Diamond Clarity VVSI cost you about $ 15,000. Same SI clarity diamonds cost about $ 7,000. The difference in price for a finer degree of purity that can not be seen with the naked eye.

6: The Diamond Color Balance the cost difference between a colorless diamond (DEF) and near colorless diamonds (GHI) is quite minute. Gemologist qualities of a diamond to the color of the loose and in the opposite position against a master set, because it is so hard to tell the difference. In a well cut diamond is face-up that you particularly look at wrestling and the return of light through the table that is more down and lower body color stones. This is especially the case when the diamonds are worn on the ear as the surrounding skin and hair tones around them will also affect the perception of color. A GH color diamonds for your earrings are a clever balance with lower costs for one minute difference in quality. A color can I break a little yellow cast, but most people will not perceive the difference. On the other hand, breaking a JK color stone a striking yellow hue. But the color did not affect the brilliance of the diamond. If you like a warm tone diamond you a large sum of cash can save on your 2-carat earring purchase by selecting the low grades on the GIA color scale.

7: Choose the right Diamond Stud settings for a better fit: a pair of 2 carat studs are heavy enough to hang on one of the earlobe, which destroys their natural elegance. The secret is to choose a style that can be earrings to fit right and forward. The three most common types of diamond earring settings require a crown, setting a basket and a 3-pin martini setting. Do not buy a crown of creation, because the diamond is too far forward and will hang on your ears. Basket institutions are the most common and can adjustable low or high. If you choose a basket option, look at it from the side, making sure the tip of the diamond (it Culet) is as close to your ear as possible. Finally, three-pin-style martini is a fantastic setting for earrings, since diamond is closer to the earlobe. In a martini set that is center of gravity as far back as possible so that your diamond is straightforward and rests on the ear. Also, if you have a very soft earlobes to drive safely for a larger area behind the ear. rgest diamond, and when it comes to a pair of earrings 2 carat diamond studs have become standard for luxury. This article contains seven tips on how to purchase Valuable most beautiful, radiant diamond earrings with the lowest price.

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