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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Swetha Bharadwaj hot photos

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white gold wedding rings designs

Years or even months to wear white gold is a much weaker version of themselves. White gold is primarily used for engagement and wedding rings flat, needs quite a bit of care, unlike gold and platinum is dull and loses its shine much easier. Thus, its important that the white gold as clean as possible. A regular clean will surely bring the shine back to your beloved white-gold jewelry.

There are several steps you should take if you want your white gold ring is clean and sparkling. First and foremost, clean the ring with a toothbrush, water and detergent soap. Rub the ring with a toothbrush covered with water and soap so beautiful polished and then the ring was clear running water. It is important that you clean your ring is indeed very careful, otherwise you end up with scratches.

To make your ring sparkle and shine to really enjoy the ring ammonia in a short period. Mix in a bowl, one part ammonia and I cup of warm water, then add the ring for 15 minutes and no more - as it is left too long can cause damage. Use this method only if your white gold ring clear as it can damage the gemstones.

Make sure the washer to dry, otherwise you get unwanted temporary water stains on your ring. If too long in a wet white gold ring will destroy, as in contact with moisture, which damage the boards. You can ring dry with a soft piece of material or a cool hair dryer. Never use heat on a white-gold, as this can seriously affect your ring.

White gold requires more maintenance than his colleagues. It should be kept separate from other jewelry that may scratch their delicate plating. Garment is made of the element rhodium - which makes the glossy shine - but it's also relatively fast wear. The rhodium plating must be replaced every year 1:59, as the wear and in return receives a dull brown to see the ring. It is also important to prevent you from wearing this ring household chemicals, because they lead to serious damage to Can the ring, Especially if some metal alloys present.

You need to have some white gold rings, but it's really worth it, as the gleam of white gold is much nicer. It looks incredibly beautiful especially as a wedding ring for men and women.

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